Extruded Ceramic Tubes

With a choice of 40 ton, 60 ton or our new 250 ton extruder, we have the capability to produce parts up to 11" diameter or by using multi-cavity tooling to increase productivity and reduce cost. Ideal for wear resistant liners.

Standard shapes include: plain, flanged, and threaded tubes in common sizes. No tooling charges would apply to available, standard parts.

Cast Parts

Cast parts typically offer a more economical method of producing prototype through small production quantities and larger size parts because of tooling costs and provides a very uniform part density. Casting is also characteristic of producing detailed and intricate shapes and patterns in many different materials. 

Forming Ceramics by Pressing 

U.S. Refractories™ is one of the few companies that still offers wet pressing. By using hand operated presses we can produce your simple to complex shapes with low overhead, saving you money. U.S. Refractories™ has been producing ceramic parts by this method for more than 80 years.

Material Descriptions 

Detailed description of all materials used.

Standard Material List 

Breakdown of materials available and their properties.

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