Materials Descriptions

A-1 Cordierite: 
This composition has excellent thermal shock resistance and good electrical resistivity. Maximum use temperature is 2150°F. Within this temperature range, this composition is probably the most economical electrical insulating material commercially available.

K-9 Cordierite - Mullite: 
This composition is a cordierite-mullite mixture, with physical properties intermediate between regular cordierite and mullite. The thermal shock resistance is similar to cordierite and is rated excellent. In some shapes K-9 composition is more amenable to pressing than regular cordierite. The selection of this often relates to manufacturing technology rather tan to application. Maximum use temperature is 2150°F. 

R-21 Mullite: 
This refractory composition is recommended for applications requiring dimensional stability and good thermal shock resistance at temperatures up to 2650°F. Minimal glassy bond makes it an excellent material for applications where stable heating element supports are of particular importance. This material is supplied in both pressed and extruded forms.

B-47 Mullite: 
A refractory composition combining cordierite and mullite and having the preferred properties of both minerals. This composition has excellent thermal shock resistance, good dimensional stability to 2250°F plus good mechanical strength.

B-60 Cordierite: 
A refractory composition combining cordierite, cristobalite, and mullite. The composition contains a small sized cordierite grog and therefore should have a smoother surface than other bodies that contain grog. This material displays good mechanical strength, shock resistance, and dimensional stability up to 2150°F. The cordierite grog reduces the possibility of laminations that are commonly seen in large thick walled extruded items made from cordierite.

A-5 Cordierite: 
A-5 is a highly refractory cordierite, our best grade of cordierite. It has excellent thermal shock resistance and will provide good electrical insulation at elevated temperatures. This composition is superior to other cordierite compositions because it contains a greater amount of cordierite plus having a higher alumina content. 

Superceram is a specially developed alumina refractory that is an intermediate composition between mullite and high alumina. It is extremely dense, abrasion resistant, fully vitrified, with a high strength at both room temperature and elevated temperature. It has good thermal shock resistance and fair thermal conductivity. Maximum recommended operating temperature is 2300°F.

Alcast-99, a specially developed refractory composition having the highest possible alumina content using commercially available alumina oxide and is recommended for those applications requiring extreme refractoriness. Often used in high temperature furnaces with atmospheres having very low dew points. Maximum recommended us temperature is 3400°F. 

M-19-A is a class 92 alumina oxide refractory with mullite as the secondary phase. This composition is chemically inert, highly refractory and serviceable to approximately 3000°F. 

A refractory class 75 alumina oxide composition which will provide service to 3000°F. This composition has excellent thermal shock resistance and is machinable in the burned state. It provides an outstanding refractory service in vacuum furnace. 

A porcelain based formulation containing sufficient refractory grade alumina oxide to provide a dense, vitrified, abrasive refractory material. Maximum recommended operating temperature 2150°F. 

A standard, fully fired, hard porcelain with low absorption, suitable for low tension electrical applications and those applications requiring conventional porcelain composition. may be glazed or plain. Generally not used for refractory applications. 

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