Our History

Established in 1913 as "The Novelty Clay Forming Company", the company began operations in West Virginia.  The company was formed with the original purpose to manufacture and sell tips and rings for gas mantles and porcelain for electrical purposes.

In April 1918 the company purchased a pottery company located in East Palestine, Ohio.  This facility, now know as E. R. Advanced Ceramics, Inc was then the defunct "Ohio China Company".

In 1925 the company installed it's first tunnel kiln and was the first to use tunnel kiln firing for specialized refractories.  In 1943, the company was the forerunner of kiln technology when it installed on the the first electronically controlled tunnel kilns in the United States.

During World War II, the company devoted 100% of it's product to the war effort.  Known only to a few people, the company was involved in the production of special refractories for the "Manhattan Project", the governmental agency responsible for the development of the atomic bomb, which became the decisive weapon that ended World War II.

In 1990 John Hayday and Alvin Matt purchased The Electrical Refractories Company to produce liners for the U.S. Stoneware product line.  They changed the company name to E.R. Advanced Ceramics. 

In 1992 E.R. Advanced Ceramics purchased U.S. Stoneware, a company founded in 1865 that produced high quality, low contamination, ceramic lined milling and mixing equipment. 

In 1996 E.R. Advanced  Ceramics developed an air powered pump to solve problems producing ceramic slurries.

In 1999 the company entered into a joint venture with Hofmann Ceramics in German and Hickman Williams Company in the United States to produce and provide ceramic filters to the foundry industry.

As we move to the future, we constantly look to expand and grow.  Through ceramic extrusion we are able to product custom ceramic tubes up to lengths of 72".  In addition, we represent a new product line, Poral, a well know brand name for high performance porous sintered metal filters.  These filters are available in stainless steel, bronze or nickel alloys, for liquid and gas filtration.

From its inception in West Virginia to the present, the company has grown and expanded to become a recognized industrial supplier.  E.R. Advanced Ceramics, Inc. is the oldest, continuously operated business in East Palestine, OH.

For more than 80 years U.S. Refractories™ has produced ceramic parts using one of three methods. By casting, pressing, or extruding we can form almost any of your unique and complicated shapes with a wide variety of equipment and materials. We are one of the few ceramic companies that still have wet press capabilities and utilize hand operated manual presses for this application along with automatic, hydraulic, and extrusion presses. Casting is another one of our specialties. Parts range from small spools through 210 gallon, monolithic design ceramic ball mill liners. This one piece design greatly reduces contamination when milling.

Custom ceramic shapes are tubes are our specialties.  Contact Us to have us turn your designs into reality!

U.S. Refractories History

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