Custom Ceramic Tubes

We have expanded our production of custom sized tubes!  Smaller diameter tubes available in finished lengths up to 72".  6" diameter tubes up to 60".  Smaller lengths up to 12" diameter! Call or email for a quote now!

Extruded Ceramic Tubes

Plain, Fluted, Flanged, Threaded, Multi-hole, Custom shapes

    Up to 48" in length 
    11" OD depending upon length 
    Over 23 material compositions to choose from 
    Prompt quotes and deliveries 
    Standard sizes available 
    Custom Shapes 

With a choice of 40 ton, 60 ton or our new 250 ton extruder, we have the capability to produce parts up to 11" diameter or by using multi-cavity tooling to increase productivity and reduce cost. Ideal for wear resistant liners.