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About U.S. Refractories™

For more than 80 years U.S. Refractories™ has produced ceramic parts using one of three methods. By casting, pressing, or extruding we can form almost any of your unique and complicated shapes with a wide variety of equipment and materials. We are one of the few ceramic companies that still have wet press capabilities and utilize hand operated manual presses for this application along with automatic, hydraulic, and extrusion presses. Casting is another one of our specialties. Parts range from small spools through 210 gallon, monolithic design ceramic ball mill liners. This one piece design greatly reduces contamination when milling.

Quality Ceramics for Industrial Applications

Electrical Insulators - Kiln Support Structures - Wear Resistant Applications

A Tradition of Quality - A History of Service


Ceramic Tubes


Smaller Diameters
up to 72"

6" Diameter
up to 60"

Larger Tubes
up to 12"

Standard Shapes Include:
Plain, flanged, and threaded tubes in common sizes.  No tooling charges would apply to available, standard parts.



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